Campervans for sale Advice | Tips on buying any used or new VW camper for sale

Video courtesy of Youtube and credit to the author: Thecampervanchannel


With so many #campervansforsale – it’s easy to be a bit overwhelmed. So here’s a checklist to help you make the right choice when buying a pro-loved #camper or even a brand #newvwcamper. Our expert advice comes from experienced UK campervan converters Redline who have been in the outdoor leisure business for over 50 years. There’s tips on checking out the original conversion work on a #vwcamperforsale – not just the quality of the conversion work but how to get proof the camper’s gas and electricity supply has been fitted safely. There are tips on looking beyond the conversion and checking out the VW Transporter the camper is based on. However great your camper looks you need to make sure it’s based on a well-maintained volkswagen Transporter. Redline salesman Ben Marks has useful advice on getting value for money by avoiding paying for fittings and campervan accessories you style of vanlife doesn’t need. And if you’re thinking of investing in a classic Bay Window campervan or even a T1 Splitty from the 1960s – there’s friendly advice on what caring for one of these iconic campers can involve. We’d love to hear your experiences of buying campervans, so do leave any tips, advice or stories for other VW Campervan fans in the comments box below. We’ll be releasing more detailed buying guides to individual VW T-Types over the coming months. Subscribe and click the bell icon to hear when every new VWcampervan video is released.