Popup Roof Reels (pair)




3D Printed Roof strap reels for popup roofs.

Popup roofs are great – but those straps that most manufacturers use are just, well…. annoying! You wrap them round your hand, stuff them into the folded canvas, and then they drop on your head when you least expect it.

So, we came up with this clever idea. A trendy reel to wind your strap and then secure it tidily with a simple elastic strap. These reels are designed to fasten to the end of your roof straps so you don’t lose them. Simple rewind the strap onto the reel once your popup roof has been lowered and tightened in accordance with your roof’s manufacturer’s instructions. Then, secure it in place with the elastic strap. Simple, effective and stops the straps dropping unexpectedly.

Grab yours now for this summer’s trips away!

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