Kiravans T5 & T6 Door Store

This replacement interior door panel for the sliding door of a T5 or T6 is amazing. We’ve had one on our van for several years now and its a real conversation starter.

Inside the door panel is a whole bunch of fresh air, and therefore, wasted space. With storage space at such a premium inside any campervan, it makes obvious sense to utilise any available extra space.

Fitting our storage door panel was relatively quick and simple. It simply attaches using the standard door panel’s original mounting points and pegs. The only issue being that the cable that runs to the lock mechanism on the door needs to be un-clipped from the chassis and tucked out of the way.

If you’re looking for more space in your van, this is a real bonus. We use ours to store small bags of toiletries, an umbrella and some general odds and sods. It’s a convenient place to store those things that would otherwise clutter the worktop. Just remember to make sure that nothing is hanging out of the shelves before you open your door to avoid leaving marks or scratches down the side of your lovely van.

Is it worth the price? Absolutely. This is one for the wish list.

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