Official Build Your Own T1 VW Samba Camper Van Build Diary – Pack 1

Video courtesy of Youtube and credit to the author: ModelSpace UK


De Agostini ModelSpace presents the official Build Your Own T1 VW Samba Camper Van Build Diary.

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This video details what’s included and the build process for Pack 1 of your Build Your Own T1 VW Samba Camper Van 1:8 scale model.

Commonly named the “Hippie Van”, the Volkswagen T1 Samba Camper van was a revolution in transport/cargo vans and is part of the Volkswagen Transporter series, the best-selling van in history. Sign up today for details about the release and be the first to begin constructing one of the most iconic vehicles ever to be released by Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen Transporter is a forward control panel van introduced in 1950 initially deriving from the Type 1 (Beetle). It paved the way for modern cargo and passenger vans with its generous space and seating. Most commonly known as the “Hippie Van”, it was commonly modified and used for long ventures with multiple people, an ambulance model was even created in 1951. The Transporter evolved over time but the first model remains a classic and a cornerstone in cargo and passenger vans.

Being a 1:8 scale replica, the VW Camper Van model kit is a highly detailed representation of the luxury deemed model of the Volkswagen Transporter. The model is true to the original samba, featuring a fabric sunroof, two pivot doors which were iconic to the Samba, and eight panoramic windows in the roof. It was advertised with the idea of using the Samba to take tourist trips through the Alps.

Your model exactly reproduces every detail of the classic 1951 T1 Volkswagen Samba Camper Van.

Even as a model-making novice, you can assemble this unique 1:8 VW Camper Van Model Kit with clear step-by-step instructions we provide to show you how to assemble and finish the parts – every step of the way. Order your VW Camper Van Model Kit now at:…