Replacement Cup holder for VW T5 & VW T5.1

If you’ve been around in the VW T5 community for long enough, you’ll know the standing joke about the cup holders. If ever there’s a crashed T5, there will be someone asking if the cup holder survived and whether it’s available for sale.

Well, the problem stems from a poor design on VW’s behalf. If used often enough, it seems every T5 will suffer from the dreaded broken cup holder.

VW T5 Cup Holder

Van-X have come to the rescue with this revised design, replacement VW T5 cup holder. At the time of writing, this product is on sale through Amazon priced at £45.99.

There is, however, another option. A genuine VW cup holder is also available for £79.99. Although it may seem like a lot of money, it keeps your VW T5 in original condition – which is very important for purist VW Transporter fans.

Genuine VW T5 Cup Holder

Is your VW T5 worth the extra £35 to keep it original? Maybe, but many will still opt for the different design from Van-X.

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