The Biggest VW Festival in East Sussex, England! Show Tour!

Video courtesy of Youtube and credit to the author: Combe Valley Campers


This week we give you a tour of the hugely successful Camper Marmalade Show located in Polgate, East Sussex.

Now in its third year as a public show, Camper Marmalade originally started as small get together with friends. It was made to be an alternative to the ‘Camper Jam’ show for those of us in the south east of England.

As it turned out this was a fantastic idea, and the organisers Berni, Mel, club members and sponsors have made it into what it is today!

To find out more information please visit or find them on facebook and instagram.

Luke Brabants art and graffiti:

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Filmed and edited by Ali Jassim. Follow him @a.jassim_uk