Vanlife UK: Starting out full-time in my selfbuilt camper.

Video courtesy of Youtube and credit to the author: Project Amber


Not quite the “by-weekly” updates I had mentioned, but this video covers how my first 2 and a bit months full-time vanlifing in the UK has gone.
A few ups a few downs and plenty of repairs.
But overall enjoying I’m enjoying this lifestyle and freedom.

But more so looking forward to Spring for some better damn weather!

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Flickering – Unknown

Thank you come again – Jobii

Lost Cause – Jobii

Traverse – Jobii

By the By (Instrumental) – Henrik Nagy

Keep That In Mind – Almost here

Intimate acoustic 3 – Stephan Netsman

Cabinets and stars – Moulins

Its all for you (instrumental) – Daniel Gunnarsson

Various Guitar mood 13 – Anders Ekengren

God is big – Star29

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