VW Camper Van classic car review – Paul Woodford

Video courtesy of Youtube and credit to the author: Paul Woodford


Motoring presenter Paul Woodford (@paulwoodford84) took time out of his honeymoon to host the 2013 VW Festival at Harewood House.

Over 15,000 people visited the show, which is recognised as one of the UK’s most popular motoring festivals. For more details of the VW Festival, visit www.vwfestival.co.uk or follow @VWFestival.

Find out what Glamping really is all about in this review video of the ’70s Bay window VW Camper hired from Castle Coast Campers…with a little help from the new Mrs. Woodford, making her screen debut.

To find out more about the camper van in this video, visit www.castlecoastcampers.co.uk or follow @CastleCoastCamp.

This video was written, filmed, voiced, edited and uploaded using a single iPhone.