Vanlife Uk | Black rock sands porthmadog | VW T5 forest coaster and quad bike adventure

Video courtesy of Youtube and credit to the author: vanlife goodies


Welcome to the start of our 2 week adventure in our VW T5 campervan . First stop is Porthmadog after a forest roller coaster to wake us up !! .
Staying at black rock sands campsite we later venture to go quad biking .

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Who we are?
We are a family of 4, escaping city life for adventures in the countryside.
We have a T5 VW 2004 campervan ready converted when we bought it but have added lots since buying it.
We try to do videos of products we use in our van , how we use our van with a family and instructional videos .
Dave sometimes uses his work van as additional space for longer trips – you can see the conversion here

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Updates in-between videos…

Items we use in our van – AD.

Smev campervan hob and sink –
Stanley food flask (lifetime guarantee) –
Toaster for gas hob –
Melamine camping dinner set –
SQ professional grill –
Waeco fridge £579-
Chilly water bottle £9.99 –

Camping toilet –
Box for toilet £10 –
Toilet solution£11-

Link for Thule tow bar bike rack –

Laptop safe £39 –

Magazine storage pockets £10 –
Hooks for back of passenger chair £ 7 –
Shelf above kitchen area £30 -£90 –
Travel storage cubes £16.95 –
Removable table £49.99-

Memory foam topper for top bunk £57 –
Childs front seat bed -£139 –
Double sleeping bag £154 –
Vango self-inflating mattress £69.98 –

Awning £109 –
Folding BBQ –

Leisure batteries £65 –
Camping Gaz large £54.99-
Reading light £10.38-
Inverter £51 –
Front swivel seat base £ 298 –
Carpet for floor in rear of van £29 –
Folding solar panel £100-300 –
Elevated Pop Top Roof –
Gorilla glue £3.50 –
Carpet and spray £12.99 –

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