Alpine iLX-F903D Halo 9 Review – Volkswagen Transporter T6

Video courtesy of Youtube and credit to the author: Advanced In-Car Technologies


The Alpine iLX-F903D Halo 9 Review. Installed Into A Volkswagen Transporter T6. Bluetooth, DAB, CarPlay & Android Auto!

A very highly spec’d Transporter T6 came into us for a serious wedge of upgrades so we thought what better than a new Alpine Review Video.

On this Volkswagen Transporter T6 we installed the Halo 9 System along with Alpine’s TOP END speakers called the R-S65C and Under Seat Subwoofer called the PWE-S8. This was teamed up with the specific T6 fitting kit & CAN Integration device along with an Aftermarket Reversing Camera.

We very quickly run through some of the features that this impressive piece of kit can offer.

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