How to fit the LiteSteer Power Assisted Steering for VW Camper vans and Classic Cars.

Video courtesy of Youtube and credit to the author: Mark Jenner Neil Oakley Inventor

Litesteer is a retro fit EPAS (Electronic Power Assisted Steering). Litesteer is available for ALL Classic VW Camper vans including Brazilian Kombi and T25.
Litesteer is a worthy investment if you are generally struggling to drive your Classic Volkswagen due to heavy steering. Litesteer completely transforms and enhances your driving experience in a classic vehicle. Tight corners and small parking areas are no longer a challenge but becomes a routine manoeuvre. Our aim is to keep the vehicle’s original integrity as much as possible but to benefit from the modern day technology.

Classic vehicles:
Also we are also able offer Litesteer for 4+ Morgans and Daimler. Fitting takes place at our East Sussex workshop. Alternatively you send the steering column/steering box to us and we will return the completed unit back to you.
We currently are working on the MK2 Jaguar model.
morgan 1

Who makes Litesteer?

Litesteer is designed and made by Oakley Innovations LLP in the heart of East Sussex, where we carry out some of the fittings. However most of the fittings are carried out by the increasing number of fitting centres across the UK and Ireland.