Volkswagen T6 Caravelle UK (2014) VW REVIEW 2019 2nd best but still good

Video courtesy of Youtube and credit to the author: Auto Fanatica


It appears I am obsessed with the Mercedes Viano….. This was supposed to be a video on the Volkswagen T6 Caravelle.

Anyway. This time we take a look at the SWB T6 Caravelle. Although no match for the Viano W639 (in my opinion) it was still much better than other vans in it’s class. It would make a great VIP shuttle or a family MPV. As usual I’ve gone over the interior in a lot of detail as I notice not many reviewers do this. I’m often frustrated about how little I can find out about the interior of vehicles through online car reviews.

The German vanmpvs still rule the roost for the moment but users are opting for Ford Transit custom is larger numbers due to price and spec. The T6 still feels better put together for the moment but pricing is still an issue.

Hopefully this video is useful to some. As always, any feedback on my videos is good. Friends and family have been very supportive since I started the channel and I hope to continue making new content every week for all of you.

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Our car for today was supplied by Top Car Inverness

Thanks again to Paul at Top Car, I really appreciate your support.

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