VW T1 Samba POV and acceleration test 1966

Video courtesy of Youtube and credit to the author: JustDrive


Though sketched in 1947 by the Dutch Volkswagen importer Ben Pon, the first production of the VW Transporter didn’t start until 1950, with only two models available: the Commercial and the Kombi. In May that year, the Microbus was added to the production line, joined by the Deluxe Microbus in 1951.

The Deluxe Microbus (or the Samba in Europe) had initially 23 windows all around and was fairly popular in the Alps. Hotels and shuttle services used them so their passengers could watch the beautiful scenery from all angles.
In 1964, however, the Deluxe Microbus lost its two rear corner windows for safety reasons, and was left with just 21 windows.

The specifications of a 1966 Deluxe:
Engine: 1493cc, 44 PS (DIN) at 4000 rpm
Weight: 1150 kg / 2535 lb
Top speed: 105 km/u / 65 mph
Fuel consumption: 9.7l/100km / 23 mpg


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