VW T4 1.8T (400bhp) Summer vibes

Video courtesy of Youtube and credit to the author: speedingtube



Hey guys, check out Kyle’s FB page, helped me get some cool shots to edit! https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?…

I’ve been approached by 3 magazines to do features so the engine bay will need a bit of tidying too!

The 02B and 02M boxes + 1.8T bottom end are now sat on a pallet waiting to be collected to go off to a gearbox adaptation specialist in with 3D modelling gear to make us a perfect gearbox adaptor template and intermediate shaft. I’ll be sharing lots more information from the engineers and hope to get lots of cool machining and 3D modelling clips. They really know what they are doing! As soon as the adapter thickness and material have been decided I’ll be able to look at spacer v’s machined flywheel options and have a better idea on which direction to go with the kit.

I’ll be putting mine through it’s paces on track and on the drag strip for 6 months to test it works ok and go from there!

Cheers, Tom

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